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Hopefully if you are visiting this Web page you will have a reasonably clear idea regarding what AIDA is all about. However, in case not, some background information is provided here. If you are familiar with what AIDA can do, you may wish to skip the background info and jump straight to ideas about how diabetes Webmasters might be able to make use of / display AIDA on-line's interactive educational simulations at their own Websites.


AIDA is an interactive educational diabetes simulation program that allows people to experiment with insulin-dosage adjustments, and balancing insulin & diet in diabetes. The PC software, which is now becoming a bit dated, can be downloaded completely free of charge from this Website by clicking here.

However a second version of the diabetes simulator is also available at this site. It is called 'AIDA on-line' and is entirely Web-based. This on-line version does not require any software downloads or local installation and runs from virtually any computer - provided it has an Internet connection and a graphical display. 'AIDA on-line' even works via WebTV, and can be accessed without charge directly at:

If you would like to read what Rick Mendosa had to write about 'AIDA on-line' for the American Diabetes Association, a little while back, you can check this out at:


However it has long been recognised that 'AIDA on-line' is not yet being used in the best and most sophisticated way as an interactive educational tool. For instance people need to visit intending to run some diabetes simulations before they can make use of the program. Yet there must be many people out there on the Internet who do not know what diabetes simulations are about, or what they can offer.

Therefore a much more 'intelligent' way of seeing the diabetes simulations being applied would be in conjunction with some repositories of information / textual knowledge about diabetes.

Now the Internet is rich with such static / textual information. Given this, imagine if one was able to be reading about diabetes, and insulin management, etc on the Web - and at appropriate places in the text find hypertext (HTML) links which could open a pop-up window showing a dynamic simulation of a scenario similar to the situation that one had been reading about...? In this way it should be possible to integrate textual / informational Web-based resources with more dynamic simulations - and hopefully increase the overall learning benefit of the combined approach.

There are many ways that such text-&-simulation links could be arranged - however it seems pointless to try and reproduce at the AIDA Website all the textual information that can already be found at many first-class diabetes sites on the Web.

Therefore to get the 'ball rolling' the AIDA Website would like to pilot a novel approach whereby links can be easily added to an existing diabetes Website (such as your own) to include 'fast-track' simulations of certain diabetes regimens.

Initially for this we have tried to focus on existing lists of the different sorts of insulin preparations that can be found at many diabetes Websites. These lists, although informative, we believe could be made even more useful by the addition of some "Simulate this Insulin" links which could open example Web-based diabetes simulations of such preparations in a pop-up window. To see better what we have in mind, if you are interested, you might like to check out: at Rick Mendosa's site and / or at the Family Practice Notebook - where this approach has been piloted.

Part of the reason for moving the 'AIDA on-line' Website to has been so that we can start to embark on such developments, and therefore hopefully encourage a more 'intelligent' usage of the on-line simulator. Given this we have set up some fast-track Web pages which simulate various different pre-specified insulin preparations.

These fast-track pages contain a baseline simulation and all the information required for further simulations using 'AIDA on-line'. Therefore they should work 'standalone' in a separate pop-up window (or within your Website's frames). If you would like to take a look, the fast-track pages can be found at: - short-acting (regular) insulin example - long-acting insulin example - pre-mixed (biphasic) 30/70 insulin example - different pre-mixed (biphasic) 30/70 insulin example - pre-mixed (biphasic) 50/50 insulin example - intermediate-acting insulin example - short-acting insulin example - long-acting insulin example (approximates to a basic pump-like regimen) - short- and intermediate-acting insulin example - regular and NPH insulin example - Humulin S and Humulin I insulin example - NPH insulin example - Insulatard insulin example - once-daily ultratard (long-acting insulin) example

Incidentally, please note - as is the way with diabetes - people are rarely on just a single insulin preparation. Therefore necessarily the regular (short-acting) example will also include some intermediate-acting insulin as well. This is real life - and therefore worthwhile for site visitors to realise.

Also please note that we cannot at present simulate all insulin preparations at 'AIDA on-line'. But fast-track examples have been generated for those insulins that the simulator can cater for... As and when the on-line simulator is updated, obviously we intend to create further fast-track simulation pages.

Anyway, please do scroll down the Web page to see these fast-track simulations in operation.

We have loads of spare Internet capacity at the new 'AIDA on-line2' Website. Therefore over time we would like to see 'AIDA on-line' being able to offer a free diabetes simulation facility for a wide range of non-commercial / non-profit Websites containing information about diabetes. If you think your own non-commercial / not-for-profit site might be interested in trying out this approach, please do let us know. This should be very easy to set up, and would hopefully increase the range of facilities that can be offered via your site - while at the same time increasing the number of people who get to find out what such diabetes simulations can offer.

It will be self-evident that a lot more could be done by way of integrating textual / diabetes information with such dynamic Web-based simulations - but lists of insulin preparations seem like a good place to start. For more sophisticated interaction you might also like to check out our new Web-based Insulin Tutorial at: where people can start to learn about insulin-dosage adjustment - and balancing insulin & diet in diabetes - and interactively simulate what they have learnt using 'AIDA on-line'.

In addition to the insulin page idea described above, along similar lines, we have also drawn up an HTML Web page called portal.htm which is accessible directly at:

If you were interested you could set up some sort of 'game' or 'challenge' at your own diabetes Website including this page. Visitors could then click on "Try this case" links and see if they can improve the blood glucose profile of the example virtual patient. This portal.htm page could be modified to match the style / format / layout of your site. However provided the correct HTML links to the appropriate 'AIDA on-line' fast-track pages are maintained - this should work fine - irrespective of the style. (The page is designed to load any fast-track simulations in a new Window - so your site visitors will still maintain easy access to your own Website pages). Alternatively this approach could load the fast-track 'AIDA on-line' simulation pages within your own Website frames; whichever you prefer and whatever works best for your site.

If you are interested in trialling this approach, we would be happy to showcase your efforts with links either on this page or from the AIDA Website links page. However, as always, it is nice to hear about how people are making use of AIDA / 'AIDA on-line'. Therefore if you would like to take forward some of the ideas on this page - or have other suggestions - please do contact us by using the on-line AIDA contact form.

Incidentally, AIDA and 'AIDA on-line' are independent, non-commercial developments being made available completely free-of-charge via the Internet - at this dot org (.org) not-for-profit Website - as non-commercial contributions to continuing diabetes education.

If you represent a commercial organisation, e.g. a company or a for-profit venture, please do get in contact with us before embarking on trying to integrate AIDA on-line's diabetes simulations into your Website. Given the type of Website we operate, we cannot necessarily contractually guarantee particular service levels or even necessarily availability of the service (although 'AIDA on-line' does currently run on a very reliable server that has >99.9% uptime). Please read our caveats and disclaimer for further information.

For these reasons where possible we prefer less formal Web collaborations with non-commercial / not-for-profit sites. Any companies wishing to make use of the 'AIDA on-line' facilities in this way are cordially requested to discuss their plans with us first. Thank you.

Finally, we are in the process of setting up a new arrangement of 'strategic collaborations' or 'partnerships' with other non-commercial / not-for-profit diabetes Websites. As part of this arrangement we are happy to make available a copy of the Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial HTML Web pages from this site, together with the accompanying graphics, to Diabetes Webmasters who would like to incorporate such a tutorial into their own Website(s).

Clearly the HTML Web pages will need to be edited to match the style / format / layout of the host diabetes site. Furthermore if this is of importance the pages can obviously be translated into other, non-English, languages. In addition, the pages can be displayed in the host diabetes site's frames (if required). However provided the external 'AIDA on-line' diabetes simulation links are not altered, it should be possible for visitors to other diabetes Websites to run interactive educational insulin and dietary simulations in separate pop-up windows. For more information about this - please feel free to check out our Tutorial Info page. For information about translating the Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial Web pages into other (non-English) languages, please check out our Translation Ideas page.

If you are interested in exploring this idea further for your own Website, please feel free to contact us by using the on-line AIDA contact form.

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