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Tutorial Information

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The purpose of this Translation Ideas page is to provide some information about how you can obtain some Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial Web pages for your own Diabetes Website.

At the AIDA Website we have set up an interactive educational Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial. This can be accessed directly at: and is quite fun. This is slightly different from most usual textual Web information, in that it is linked to the interactive educational Web-based 'AIDA on-line' diabetes simulator.

As a result, people while reading about say - balancing insulin and diet or insulin-dosage adjustment in diabetes - can click on HTML links to perform interactive simulations of some of what they have been learning about. For this we have set up some fast-track (hard coded) simulation Web pages - which link in with the tutorial text. The expectation is that this approach should be able to improve the learning process, as well as of course make it less passive (more interactive) and more fun.

However to benefit from such interactivity people need to visit the AIDA Website - which implies that they need to know something about, or at least be looking for, a diabetes simulator. We are of the belief that this approach could be of much wider interest and use. Therefore we have created a version of the Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial Web pages which can operate *externally* from the AIDA Website. Using this approach all interactive diabetes simulations (which require some dedicated server programs / setup) can all operate in a separate pop-up / new window.

To see an example of this working - you might like to check out: where you will be able to access a completely free version of the Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial which is running on a Yahoo! Geocities server. Clicking on the simulation links results in a pop-up / new window appearing to provide visitors with interactive simulations relevant to what they have been reading / learning about.

If you might be interested in making use of this approach yourself, at your Website, we could provide you *for free* with a copy of all the material that you can find at Obviously you would need to edit the HTML to match the style / format / layout of your own Website. You could also, if you wished, display the tutorial pages within your own Website frames. However provided the external diabetes simulation links remained intact - irrespective of what editing took place - your site visitors could have access to >40 pages of useful tutorial material, as well as of course access via these to the AIDA on-line simulator.

It will be self-evident that while your site gets all these HTML pages and graphics for free, from our point of view hopefully more people will be exposed to what the Web-based diabetes simulator can offer. Longer-term this should actually be of benefit to visitors to both our sites.

If you think this suggestion might be of interest, you may also like to check out: where we outline some of our general ideas for collaboration with other not-for-profit / non-commercial diabetes Websites.

If you are interested in taking forward any of the ideas on this page, please do get in contact by using the on-line AIDA contact form.

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