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Thank you for your interest in AIDA, and for contacting the AIDA authors. We are not on email as much as we used to be - but with a bit of luck you should receive a personal reply to your note in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you wish to be automatically informed about future updates or enhancements to the AIDA diabetes simulation software range (AIDA v4 or 'AIDA on-line') please feel free to subscribe (without charge) to the AIDA registration / announcement list. To do this simply send a blank email note to:

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If you have been using the latest version of AIDA (v4.3a) - you might also like to access 'AIDA on-line' at where interactive educational diabetes simulations can be run - for free - in a Web-browser window, with no local downloads or installation being required.

If you have already made use of 'AIDA on-line' you might also like to check out the freeware AIDA v4.3a PC software - available for download and use without charge from

Furthermore, there is an interactive educational diabetes / insulin tutorial available for use free on-line at

We thrive on user feedback to improve and update both the PC AIDA software, and 'AIDA on-line'. Therefore, if you haven't already, it would be much appreciated if you could please take a few moments to enter some feedback comments in the AIDA Guestbook. This can be accessed at If you have any concerns over confidentiality and providing your name for the guestbook entry, please feel free to use a pseudonym or assumed name.

Please note all user feedback comments are individually read - and they really do help to shape future releases of the AIDA simulator.

Please also note: at present AIDA v4 and 'AIDA on-line' do not incorporate the rapidly-acting insulin (lispro / Humalog) or the very long-acting insulin (glargine / Lantus). If you would like to be automatically informed by email when these insulins are added to AIDA / 'AIDA on-line' - or when 'AIDA for Windows' becomes available - please visit to join the very low volume AIDA registration / announcement list.

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The latest (current) release of the:
- downloadable software is AIDA v4.3a
- Web-based diabetes simulator is 'AIDA on-line2'

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