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The information presented at this site is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your doctor or diabetes specialist. If you have any questions about any of the information presented here, concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your doctor or diabetes specialist
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AIDA on-line allows you to simulate the effects of changes in insulin and diet on the blood glucose profiles of various example 'virtual diabetic patients'. Simulations can be run from here, without charge, with all results being displayed in your Web browser window. 40 example diabetes case scenarios with problems to be solved are provided as standard. You can add / simulate further cases, as required. Using AIDA on-line you can change any of the input variables (insulin dosage, timing, or preparation), or nutritional information (meal size or timing), plus other clinical variables, and see the resulting effects on the blood glucose profile - within seconds.

However please note that AIDA on-line - like the downloadable version of AIDA - is only intended to be used for educational / teaching / demonstration / self-learning purposes. It is not meant for individual patient blood glucose prediction or therapy planning. Nevertheless the simulations should allow you to see how insulin and diet interact to affect blood glucose levels for typical or example diabetic patients. If you have accessed AIDA on-line directly, you may like to know that a freeware downloadable version of the simulator for PCs (& Apple Macs running PC emulation software) is also available from this site, by clicking here. To get started using the on-line simulator select a case using the pull down menu below, or click on the Quick Simulation link on the left frame bar - to run a fast track simulation.

Try out one of the sample cases:
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Blood Glucose Units: mmol/l mg/dl
Display: Standard Advanced (includes fluxes)
Insulin types utilized: (For new case only) Standard Pre-mixed
Display upper & lower bounds / limits: Display bounds Do not display bounds

Selecting the Continue button above will lead to the display of a data entry form. This will either contain data from a sample case, or be blank (if a new case has been chosen).

Once this form contains data - pressing the large Run Simulation button at the bottom of the screen will result in the data being submitted to the AIDA on-line site across the Web. This site will run the AIDA simulation, and return the results to your Web browser. Depending on the speed of the Web this process usually only takes a few seconds. Together with the simulation graphs you will receive a new data entry form. Changing any of the fields and re-submitting the form will result in the glycaemic effects of those changes being simulated. This process can be continued as many times as you like. Altering the carbohydrate intake and insulin profile, and seeing the possible effects of these changes on the blood glucose profile, may be of use for educational / self-learning purposes.

Please make sure you have read the caveats before using AIDA on-line

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AIDA Website home Return to AIDA Website Home Page AIDA is a freeware diabetes software simulator program of glucose-insulin action + insulin dose & diet adjustment in diabetes mellitus. It is intended purely for education, self-learning and / or teaching use. It is not meant for individual blood glucose prediction or therapy planning. Caveats

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