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The information presented at this site is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your doctor or diabetes specialist. If you have any questions about any of the information presented here, concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your doctor or diabetes specialist
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There is a linked Web page that provides information about What's New with AIDA. However this page provide complementary information by offering a series of HTML links to new Web pages which have recently been uploaded at the AIDA site.

New links added since September 2001

AIDA Translation Issues
  Addresses frequently asked questions about translating AIDA and 'AIDA on-line' into non-English languages
Tutorial Information
  Provides information about how other diabetes Websites can obtain the Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial HTML code and graphics for free
AIDA Resources
  Lists a selection of important pages at the AIDA Website where visitors may find answers to their questions
Tutorial Translation
  Provides information about translating the Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial into non-English languages
Teaching Slides
  Provides two teaching slides which can be used in diabetes education sessions to illustrate metabolic differences between the fasting and post-prandial state
Why Banners?
  Explains why we have started displaying banners at the AIDA Website
Diabetes Webmaster Info
  Gives Webmasters information about using 'AIDA on-line' from other non-profit / non-commercial diabetes Websites
AIDA 'Game'
  Challenge: See if you can improve the blood sugars of some virtual diabetic patients!

New links added up to September 2001

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  Answers frequently asked questions about the AIDA PC software and 'AIDA on-line'
AIDA Logos
  Provides a range of AIDA logos and graphics which can be used to link to this Website
About 'AIDA on-line'
  Provides some background information about 'AIDA on-line'
How 'AIDA on-line' works
  Provides some more detailed information about how 'AIDA on-line' actually works
'AIDA on-line' Feedback Form
  Provides a Web-based form for visitors to offer feedback and comments about 'AIDA on-line'
Fast-track Example Simulations
  Review 15 example 'fast-track' case scenarios which can be used to simulate different pre-computed regimens using 'AIDA on-line'
AIDA Graphical Summary (2)
  See a graphical overview of the AIDA model
Sign Guestbook
  Sign the AIDA Guestbook - we very much value your comments
AIDA Beta-Testers' List
  Find out about joining a very low-volume beta-testers' list to help with testing out new developments with AIDA, 'AIDA on-line' and / or this Website
Miscellaneous Pages
  Check out HTML links to some Web pages at this site - which are not necessarily linked to from other pages (lists maybe harder to find pages)
AIDA Health-Carers' List
  Find out about joining a very low-volume list for health-care professionals with an interest in AIDA
Why People Download AIDA
  Read people's comments as to why they are turning to the Internet and downloading the AIDA software

New links added up to July 2001

Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial
  An interactive educational Web-based tutorial about insulin-dosage adjustment
Insulin Pump Usage Page
  Overviews ways in which AIDA v4 / 'AIDA on-line' can be applied to simulate some basic insulin pump-like regimens
AIDA Website Awards
  Web page detailing a selection of awards that this site has received
Make Frames Smaller / Optimise Web Viewing
  'Hints & Tips' on how to best view the Web pages at this site
Link to this site
  Information about how to link to the AIDA Website
Diabetes Links
  Useful diabetes site links on the Internet
AIDA Guestbook
  Please stop by and sign our guestbook, and tell us what you think about AIDA
AIDA Discussion Forum
  Talk to other AIDA users via email / the Web. Coming soon...
Search this site
  Use our own site search engine to find what you are looking at the AIDA Website
AIDA Evaluation Protocol
  Find out about work to formally assess the educational use of AIDA
List of AIDA Web Pages
  View a list of all the Web pages at this site
AIDA Leaflet
  Access an AIDA leaflet / flyer suitable for printing / photocopying
View Leaflet
  View contents of the AIDA leaflet / flyer on the Web
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics
  More than 10 Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics diabetes computing articles
Other diabetes computing articles
  Access a range of other full text diabetes computing articles
AIDA Model - Graphical Summary
  View a more detailed / printable summary of the AIDA model structure

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Why we are displaying banners at the AIDA Website?

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