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The information presented at this site is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your doctor or diabetes specialist. If you have any questions about any of the information presented here, concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your doctor or diabetes specialist
AIDA Healthcarers' Page

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Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in possibly joining the AIDA healthcarers' announcement list.

At this Website we currently maintain a general AIDA registration / announcement list whereby people can opt-in to receive very infrequent announcements about new developments with AIDA. This general list can be joined at any time by sending a blank email note to:

However in addition to this it has become apparent that there may be times when it would be useful to be able to communicate directly with health-care professionals who have an interest in AIDA. Such communications might relate to educational usage of the software - for teaching patients or students; research projects involving the program - for instance to enrol centres in a planned study, etc, etc.

For this reason a dedicated AIDA healthcarers' announcement list has been created. This will only be used very sparingly, for official announcements from the AIDA developers regarding things that we think would be of relevance to health-care professionals - so traffic on this list should be very low.

To join this AIDA health-carers' announcement list all you need to do is enter your email id below and press the Submit button

You will receive a confirmation email note - to which you will need to reply - to actually subscribe to the AIDA health-carers' list. This opt-in process confirms that you can receive the announcements, and also ensures that someone cannot be subscribed to this list without their knowledge or permission.

As a subscriber to this list you will hear about new developments with AIDA, 'AIDA on-line' and / or the AIDA Website which are believed to be of special interest to health-care professionals. This list is primarily intended for doctors (endocrinologists, diabetologists, primary care physicians [GPs], junior doctors / interns), nurses (diabetes specialist nurses, general nurses), diabetes educators, pharmacists, dieticians, chiopodists / podiatrists, health-care students, and allied health-care professionals. If you are uncertain as to whether this list is meant for you - please feel free to contact us via the on-line AIDA contact form.

If possible you are also advised to subscribe to the main, AIDA registration / announcement list - just so that you do not miss out on more general AIDA-related announcements. For more information about the general list - please click here.

Thank you for your interest in AIDA.

Please do not forget to enter your email id above! :-)

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