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The information presented at this site is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your doctor or diabetes specialist. If you have any questions about any of the information presented here, concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your doctor or diabetes specialist
AIDA on-line Feedback

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It would be very much appreciated if you could answer the following questions regarding your use of AIDA on-line. Most of the questions simply require yes / no answers - but if you wish to add more information please feel free to type in extra feedback in the free text area at the bottom of this page. Please note all answers are fully confidential. No individuals can be identified from any of these questions.

1. Have you found AIDA on-line of interest as an educational / demonstration tool? Yes No

2. Do you think AIDA on-line has some utility? Yes No

- if so can you outline briefly how you might see AIDA on-line being used:

3. Are you interested in continuing to use AIDA on-line? Yes No

4. Do you think local / national diabetes associations might be interested in finding out more about AIDA on-line? Yes No

5. Do you think your doctor / nurse educator would be interested in AIDA on-line? Yes No

6. Do you think AIDA on-line is worthy of being publicised more widely? Yes No

7. If you are a diabetic patient, would you tell fellow diabetic patients about AIDA on-line? Yes No

8. Do you think AIDA on-line is in any way dangerous? Yes No

9. Do you think the caveats provided at the AIDA on-line site make clear its limitations? Yes No

10. If you are a diabetic patient, have you tried submitting your own data to AIDA on-line? Yes No

- if yes, did the simulations in any way match what actually happened to your blood glucose values? Yes No

- Was it clear to you that AIDA on-line was not intended for this purpose? Yes No

11. Have you downloaded / used the PC version of AIDA (v4.0 or v4.3)? Yes No

- if no, are you more likely to having used AIDA on-line? Yes No

12. Roughly how long do you find it takes to receive back an AIDA on-line simulation after pressing the SIMULATE button

13. What other features would you like to see in later versions of AIDA on-line. Wish list, use as much space as required!

It would assist greatly in characterising the people who have used AIDA on-line if you could fill in the following information. All replies will be treated in the strictest medical confidence. Any dissemination of information about what people felt about AIDA on-line will be in general terms (e.g. 85 diabetic patients tested out AIDA on-line, mean age XX +/- YY years, 50 type 1 patients, 35 type 2 patients, mean duration of diabetes.... etc.). No individual information will be disseminated. Users who reply - and elect to provide an email address (optional) - will be sent a summary of the results of this survey.

Are you a: diabetic patient
or other (please specify)

If you are a diabetic patient how old are you? years, and how long have you had diabetes years. Do you have "juvenile onset" type 1 diabetes , or "adult onset" type 2 diabetes . If the latter, for how many years have you injected yourself with insulin years.

Have you come across any tools like AIDA on-line for diabetes self-education? Yes No

If yes, can you provide details

Please provide any additional comments here

Thank you for your time

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