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AIDA Evaluation 12 (of 14)

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We are currently looking to expand this approach in multiple centres and invite possible collaborators to contact us via the Website contact form.

If you might be interested in running an evaluation study in your centre along the lines of the protocol overviewed in this series of Web pages we would expect to be able to offer you all the following material:

  1. a copy of the detailed study protocol (published [5] – and also available from us by Air Mail)
  2. the questionnaires (currently available on the Web from here)
    1. a main questionnaire for use at the beginning and end of the study
    2. a shorter / smaller questionnaire for use at the end of each lesson
    3. a further one page questionnaire intended for use at the end of the six AIDA lessons
  1. an external randomisation service (via the Web – please click here) - this should offer a way of separating the randomisation process from the actual running / delivery of the study
  2. the software () (freely downloadable from here)
  3. some hard copy manuals (for the AIDA software – available from us by Air Mail)
  4. power calculation estimates of sample sizes which are required to show an effect (described above)
  5. practical ‘tips’ on running such a study – based on the experience in Rome from our initial n=24 pilot study, and also possibly based on further experience from a follow-up multi-teacher / ?multi-centre pilot study which is also planned to start in 2001 in Italy
  6. some one-page flyers (available from us) that overview AIDA and which might be useful for introducing colleagues / co-workers locally to the AIDA diabetes simulation approach
  7. a generic consent form which can be modified as required by local ethics committee rules – but which should serve as a useful basis for obtaining written, fully informed consent from each participant
  8. finally, it is planned in the not too distant future to set up an AIDA support forum / discussion list – which will be accessible either via email or via the Web. In this way AIDA users will be able to communicate with each other – directly. It is also to be hoped that in this way different clinicians / educators / diabetes specialist nurses who might be interested in running an AIDA evaluation study will also be able to communicate directly by email with others who are using the program
If you are interested in possibly running an evaluation study involving AIDA in your unit and would like to receive a photocopy of the full protocol by Air Mail, please send us your name and address using the on-line AIDA contact form.

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