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About 'AIDA on-line'

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The original AIDA simulator was released on the World Wide Web in 1996 as a non-commercial contribution to continuing diabetes education. In much the same way that airline pilots can learn how to fly a plane using a flight simulator, or air traffic controllers can gain experience on air traffic control simulators, the purpose of the AIDA software is to allow patients, their relatives, health-care professionals and students to experiment with insulin dosage and dietary adjustments in type 1 diabetes mellitus - using a simulator - safe from any risks of hypoglycaemia.

The original AIDA program has been made available as freeware software for downloading, without charge, from this site and it has since been copied to various other 'satellite' Web sites. It has also received encouraging reviews from its users. Click here to be taken through an on-line demonstration of the sort of things that the PC version of AIDA (v4) can do.

AIDA on-line takes the AIDA concept one step further, making the AIDA simulator accessible via the World Wide Web from any computer (e.g. UNIX based, Apple Mac, network server) anywhere in the world - provided it has Internet access. There is no longer a need to have a PC, nor to download and install software on a local machine. Furthermore upgrades to AIDA on-line require only one version of the program to be changed - and these changes then automatically become accessible from anywhere in the world. In addition many users have asked for a Windows-based, mouse-controlled 'point and click' version of AIDA.

AIDA on-line provides just such an easy to use simulator with a standard user interface accesible in a familiar Web browser format. AIDA on-line has been extensively tested with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

In terms of its functionality the current version of AIDA on-line is similar in many ways to the PC version of AIDA (v4). However with its improved mouse-based user interface - and the fact that only one version of the program needs to be changed - it is envisaged that AIDA on-line will be more amenable to further upgrades and improvements in functionality, in due course.

However the designated purpose of AIDA v4 and AIDA on-line remain the same. In this respect AIDA on-line should be solely regarded as an educational tool which some patients and health-carers have found fun and interesting to use. It is provided here free-of-charge in the hope that more people may find it of some use.

Click here for information about how AIDA on-line actually works.

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