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The information presented at this site is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your doctor or diabetes specialist. If you have any questions about any of the information presented here, concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your doctor or diabetes specialist
'AIDA on-line' Quick Start Help

(Re)-Load AIDA Frames / Menus

If you are relatively new to Windows and Web browsers you may find it helpful, when running your first simulation, to print out this page and follow the steps listed below. Alternatively, you could display these instructions in one Web browser window and run through a simulation in a second window. Do not worry, AIDA on-line is very easy to use!

To get started using AIDA on-line follow these instructions:

Click on the 'On-line Simulation' link on the left frame bar menu. This will display the 'Case Select' page. Some brief information about the first case in the database is provided in the one-line summary. Clicking on this line will bring up a list of different case scenarios. Clicking on the up and down arrows will allow you to scroll up and down this list. Click on a case to highlight and select it. At the very top of the list is an option to enter a 'New Case'.

At present 40 case scenarios are provided in the database. More details about each case can be accessed by selecting the underlined 'Click here for a better description of the cases' Web link.

Once the appropriate case has been highlighted, clicking on the 'Continue' button will lead to the display of a data entry form for the selected case. This will either contain data from the sample case chosen, or be blank if a new case has been selected.

A 'Run Simulation' button is located at the bottom of the data entry page. To move down to this, click on the down arrow of the right hand scroll bar. Clicking on this button will result in the data being submitted to AIDA on-line across the Internet. Please note: if you have selected 'New Case' it will be necessary for you to type in the entire regimen.

AIDA on-line is hosted in the U.S.A. The Web site there will run the AIDA simulation and return the results to your Web browser. Depending on the speed of the Internet this process usually only takes a few seconds. Together with the simulation graphs you will receive a new data entry form. To move down past the graphs to the data entry portion of the page click on the down arrow of the right hand scroll bar. Changing any of the fields and clicking again on the 'Run Simulation' button will result in the effects of those changes being simulated.

To change values use the left mouse button to highlight the field that you want to alter and then type in the new value. Usual editing keys also work so you can use the Tab and Shift-Tab keys to move forwards and backwards between fields. Changes can be made to multiple fields / entries. Only when you actually click on the 'Run Simulation' button will these changes be submitted to the AIDA on-line site for simulation.

This process can be continued as many times as you like. Altering the carbohydrate and insulin intake, and seeing the possible effects of these changes on the blood glucose profile, may be of use for educational / self-learning purposes. The current and previous simulations will be displayed. However please make sure you read the caveats before using AIDA on-line.

AIDA on-line handles blood glucose values in either mmol/l or mg/dl. To switch between the two, view the 'Options' settings on the 'Case Select' Web page, and click on the option you wish to choose. mmol/l is the default option. If you wish to select mg/dl - depending on your Web browser - this may need to be re-checked each time you choose a new case from the 'Case Select' page.

For an explanation of the other options available - simply click on the associated 'Display' and 'Insulin types utilized' Web links listed under 'Options' at the bottom of the 'Case Select' Web page.

Throughout AIDA on-line, all highlighted underlined words provide Web links. Click on these to explore the full capabilities of the site. Technical details of the AIDA model are provided, as are explanations of terms used, and general information about the AIDA on-line site.

AIDA on-line is made available free-of-charge as a non-commercial contribution to continuing diabetes education. If you find the on-line simulations of use - your registration (for free), as well as your feedback would be much appreciated. This is the only way that we will be able to know what you would like to see in later versions of the application, as well as keep you posted about future developments.

Also please check out the main pages at this site from where a PC version of the AIDA software can be downloaded without charge. This downloadable program (AIDA v4) runs on PCs and Apple Macs (running Virtual PC or SoftWindows).

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